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UNITAR Foundational Training of Trainers Online Course [TOT2021]

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UNITAR Foundational Training of Trainers Online Course [TOT2021]

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Basado en web
1 Ene 2021 a 31 Dic 2021
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6 Semanas
Área del programa:
Training methodology
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The course provides foundational knowledge and skills about adult learning and training principles. Throughout the course, the participants will discover and work with the methodology that forms the foundation to design, implement and evaluate human-centred and impactful training events.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define what is training and what are the most important learning principles used for training design
  • Explain the methods that allow defining what gap training should fill and explain what content training should cover to accurately answer the needs
  • Explain how to design and plan training based on the needs analysis and how to create learning objectives that are tailored to the needs
  • Explain how to develop training effectively and produce content that supports the learning objectives
  • Formulate and explain best practices about the delivery of training taking into consideration the specificity and the needs of the audience
  • Explain the role of evaluation and how to evaluate training on different levels

The course is composed of 6 modules.

Module 1: Learning Principles

Topics: Define training and role of trainer; How and where does learning occur; How do adults learn; The cognitive load; Adult-learning principles; Training cycle; Results-based learning; Learning styles; Effective learning environment (Maslow Pyramid, Table setting); Ground rules; Icebreakers; Energizers.

Module 2: Content

Topics: Result-based learning; Three levels of needs assessment; Task analysis; Target audience analysis; Data collection methods.

Module 3: Design

Topics: From analysis to design; SMART Learning objectives and multiple levels of complexity; Modes of delivery; Agenda; Learning sequence; Learning strategies; Learning methods; Session plan.

Module 4: Development

Topics: Learning materials; Visual aids; Presentation; Flipcharts.

Module 5: Delivery

Topics: Adult-learning principles; Group dynamics; Facilitation flow; Intro to communication; Verbal, para-verbal and non-verbal communication; Communication blockers; Delivering engaging presentations; Keep a good level of attention; Debrief techniques (Asking good question); Providing feedback; Receiving feedback; Active listening; Class management; Responding effectively to challenging situations; Co-facilitation; Time management; Preparing for facilitation.

Module 6: Evaluation

Topics: Result-based learning; Evaluation levels; Level II-evaluation; Level I-evaluation.