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Online Certificate on Essential Professional Skills

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Online Certificate on Essential Professional Skills

Multilateral Diplomacy
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15 Sep 2020 a 29 Oct 2020
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12 Días
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Multilateral Diplomacy
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The Division for Multilateral Diplomacy of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is pleased to announce its upcoming Online Certificate on Essential Professional Skills taking place this fall. The online certificate will consist of a series of e-workshops targeted to working professionals and individuals seeking to improve their professional skills. The online certificate aims to reinforce individuals’ transferable professional skills, especially in a time where flexibility and adaptability are key.

 The four topics covered will be:

  • Negotiation Skills (15-17 September)
  • Stakeholder Engagement (29 September-1 October)
  • Leadership and Team Mobilization (13-15 October)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication (27-29 October)

All e-workshops will take place at 13.00-17.00 CEST.

Tailor made e-workshops for organisations are also available upon request, please contact for more information.

E-Workshop on Negotiation Skills:

  • Integrate and practice negotiation-related soft skills;
  • Contrast conventional negotiation techniques with the interest-based approach to negotiation;
  • Examine key concepts of negotiation including: 3Ps, positions, interests, principles, BATNA;
  • Acquire knowledge on how to manage negotiation meetings effectively and reach good outcomes.


E-Workshop on Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Gain understanding of the complexity involved in coordination and stakeholder engagement in different social, political and cultural contexts;
  • Identify potential stakeholders, domestic as well as foreign, at different levels –local, sub-national, national and international;
  • Assess stakeholders’ specific needs and interests;
  • Develop skills to initiate, encourage and sustain suitable channels of stakeholder engagement and coordination with the different potential stakeholders in an early stage.


E-Workshop on Leadership and Team Mobilization:

  • Understand leadership and the 3 Cs of leadership;
  • Work through leadership challenges, strengths, values, and role models;
  • Grasp international leadership in culturally diverse contexts: the cultural pyramid – layers of diversity;
  • Own your personal and cultural leadership style and your unique strengths;
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders for Team Mobilization.


E-Workshop on Cross-Cultural Communication:

  • Enhance personal and professional skills in appreciating the importance of effective intercultural skills;
  • Enhance the awareness of differences in communication styles across cultures and knowledge of factors that influence business communication across cultures;
  • Develop attitudes conducive to effective intercultural communication.


The online certificate will consist of four e-workshops facilitated by experts on the selected topics and will take place using the platform Zoom. The e-workshops are designed to be highly interactive and, where possible, include case studies, simulations and group exercises.

Upon successful completion of all four e-workshops, participants will be awarded the Online Certificate on Essential Professional Skills. Participants will also receive a separate certificate for each e-workshop.



Jerome L'host - E-Workshop on Negotiation Skills

Jérôme L’host is a dedicated Senior Consultant based in Geneva and Moscow, working internationally with both Private and Public Sectors.He is the Founder and General Manager of The November Company, a Training & Consulting Group. 

Mr. L’host studied Public Administration & Economics (AES) at the University of Savoie. He later specialized in Marketing at the Plus-Values Institute in Paris. Mr. L’host is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Coach, a UN-certified Coach and Trainer, as well as a Synaps-certified, and LSA (Leadership Style Analysis) Coach. 

Over the last 16 years, he performed numerous presentations (Leadership, Competencies Management, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Management, Corporate Identity & Values, Post-mergers integration, Change Management, Persuasive Presentations) as well as Motivational Speeches for HEC Geneva, EPFL Chair of Entrepreneurship, Nestlé, Association pour le Progrès du Management and the Swiss-French Chamber of Commerce.  

Before establishing as an Independent Consultant in 2009 and founding The November Company in 2012, Mr. L’host has been active for thirteen (13) years with Dynargie Switzerland SA (International Training & Consulting group) as a European Board Member and Country Manager of Switzerland and Russia. 

Mr. L’host managed more than 40 large-scale international projects (Performance development, Crisis management, Sales-Team Development, Restructuration, Post-conflict & Post-disaster management, Leadership, Change management, Top Management & Team Development, Reengineering, Values Implementation, Strategic Retreats, International Surveys, Post-Mergers Integration...) in more than 30 different countries. 

He dealt with more than 120 companies/organizations world-wide and delivered training for more than 3800 participants.

Mr. L’host is also a former UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) volunteer, serving 6 months in Naqura-South Lebanon.


Merixtell Martell - E-Workshop on Stakeholder Engagement

Meritxell Martell is the founder and director of Merience, a consultancy company focused on environmental risk governance, including analysis and development of communication and stakeholder engagement strategies and methodologies in the field of complex socio-technical processes.

Dr. Martell is a graduate of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, Barcelona, Spain) and she received her PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of East Anglia (UEA, Norwich, United Kingdom) in 2001. She has over 15 years of experience as an international consultant on communication and stakeholder engagement in complex environmental decision-making processes. She also lectures at UPC and UPF in environmental communication Master courses. In addition, Meritxell has successfully participated and coordinated several European projects and is an expert consultant to different international organisations, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission or the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.


Cindy Hancock - E-Workshop on Leadership and Team Mobilization

Cindy Hancock is an OD-ETDP Facilitator, Assessor & Coach as well as a Training and Development Practitioner at Sprout Coaching and loves working with people to explore, connect and grow their individual potential. For her whole career she has worked in both private and public sectors, gaining experiences in areas such as corporate communication, team coaching, people development and leadership coaching. Her professionalism and human strengths are part of her core values.

In her way of working, Cindy values integrity and a high standard of ethics. She has worked with tenacity, climbing the corporate ladder over the last 20 years, up to General Management.

Her passion for coaching inspired her to qualify as a Professional Ontological Coach in 2013, opening the door to her people-centered management style. Cindy is an accomplished and well-known coach within the private and public sectors. Her passion for Learning and Development has led her to enrol in further education and self-development receiving her qualification as a registered Facilitator, Assessor, Learner Support including Skills Gap Analysis, Training Matrix development, Skill Audit Reporting as well as Designing and Developing of course material.

Her ability to forecast organisational training needs has led her to customise a diverse list of training material, including but not limited to: Corporate Communication, Leadership Development and Sales Force Effectiveness.

As the founder and pioneer of Sprout Coaching, Cindy continues to be inspired by the rapid development and need for coaching within organisations, however, remains centred on the individual. Her vision remains focused on improving human interaction within the public and private arena enabling people to grow.

The online certificate is aimed at introducing its concept to the wider public and raising awareness around the selected topics. The registration will be open to the public and participants will be admitted upon selection after submitting their CV. 

Please note that there are limited spots available for this online certificate. Unfortunately, no fellowships/scholarships are currently available for this course.

Technical Requirements 

UNITAR will not provide refunds for customers who face technical issues beyond UNITAR's direct control. UNITAR recommends that all prospective participants test Zoom for free at prior to confirming their payment.  

Basic system requirements: 

Stable internet connection 
Speakers and a microphone  
A webcam or HD webcam  
Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card 

Please see further information about all technical requirements for participating in this e-workshop here: