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15 May 2024
15 May 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – UNITAR is accepting applications to its training programme “Leaders for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific: Sea and Human Security”. The programme is open to motivated government officials and others from the private sector and civil society organizations from Asian and Pacific Island countries. Applicants must be keen to learn how to enhance climate, social, economic, food and maritime security in the region and apply what they learn to make a positive impact on their countries and communities. The programme is scheduled to start on 21 June 2024. The application deadline is 7 June 2024 (midnight, JST/UTC+9).
25 April 2024
19 April 2024, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Division for Prosperity, and with the generous support of the Government of Canada, commemorated the graduation of over 2,000 women from the Advancing Gender Equality and Women Empowerment 2023 Online Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Training Programme on 11 April 2024. The virtual event was attended by 500 graduates from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).
25 April 2024
25 April 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – On 10 February 2024, the UNITAR Hiroshima Office and UNITAR Association held the public forum “Nuclear Disarmament and Sustainable Peace” at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The forum aimed to deepen public understanding about nuclear disarmament, especially given the current armed conflicts in Ukraine and in Gaza, and about achieving sustainable peace.
24 April 2024
24 Abril 2024, Ginebra, Suiza - La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) y el Instituto de las Naciones Unidas para Formación Profesional e Investigaciones (UNITAR) se complacen en anunciar el próximo curso conjunto en línea sobre "Comercio, Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición" para representantes de gobiernos y autoridades que están directamente involucrados en la formulación e implementación de políticas y programas agrícolas en los países de América Latina y el Caribe.
19 April 2024
19 April 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Executive Director and United Nations Assistant Secretary-General Nikhil Seth visited Japan from 25 to 28 March 2024.
15 April 2024
17 April 2024, Geneva, Switzerland – On 15 and 16 February 2024, UNITAR hosted a hackathon and conference “Leveraging the Digital Economy for Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth: Strategies to Overcome Risks and Harness Opportunities”. The event brought together nearly 270 people (43 in person and 222 online) to foster collaboration and inspire action to address the opportunities and challenges in the digital economy.
8 April 2024
8 April 2024, Geneva, Switzerland - Together with several SIDS countries, UN and regional organizations, UNITAR will welcome SIDS4 conference participants on the occasion of a multi-stakeholder side event highlighting the role of evidence, data and satellite technology for resilient futures in SIDS.

The event will take place on 27 May 2024 from 12:00 to 13:30 AST in Room 6 of the Conference Venue and will provide space for sharing country experiences around one of the five main themes of the Conference: "Leveraging Data and Digital Technologies and Building Effective Institutions for a Resilient Future in SIDS."
3 April 2024
03 April 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – On 28 March 2024, UNITAR signed a new memorandum of understanding with Microsoft Japan to collaborate on the digital upskilling of workers in Japan and beyond.
28 March 2024
28 March 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – UNITAR and the Hiroshima Prefectural Government signed the Eighth Special Purpose Grant Agreement, for fiscal years 2024 to 2026. Through the agreement, the two entities renewed the partnership that began in 2003 and the Hiroshima Prefectural Government committed to financially support the UNITAR Hiroshima Office’s training programmes over the next three years. Mr. Hidehiko Yuzaki, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture, and Mr. Nikhil Seth, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNITAR signed the agreement at a ceremony held on 26 March 2024 at the Hiroshima Prefectural Government.
7 March 2024
7 March 2024, Hiroshima, Japan – UNITAR Hiroshima Office will relocate its office to the following address effective 11 March 2024. The new facility will continue to be located close to the historic Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, offering a view of these symbols of resilience, rebirth, and hope that inspire learners worldwide. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support of our efforts!