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OpenDojô second session in July in 2011

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What happened?

On July 16th 2011, after 6 intensive days, OpenLab/UNITAR concluded the first edition of the OpenDojô Program. Forty-eight young talents obtained the Open Dojô EcoTalent Certificate jointly delivered by the two institutions.

During the 4-month practice period after the inaugural session in February, participants had a chance to put their newly acquired competences and know-how into practice. Sharing lessons-learned and reflecting on these experiences was one of the core elements of the second phase of OpenDojô. Experienced guest speakers discussed current issues such as the challenge of dealing with the new generations entering the professional world and the corporate challenge of sustainable development. Participants received advice on possibilities for building a career in the corporate world, based on the values of collaboration, cooperation, ethics and sense of responsibility.

One of the highlights of the second phase of the OpenDojô  was the presentation of the  EcoPrototypes created as part of the program. The creators of these new ideas, projects and proposals inspired by OpenDojô, have received collective feedback, reflections and constructive criticism for development. Get to know the OpenDojô EcoPrototypes.

Zero carbon emission

The success of the OpenDojô is also shown in the fact that the first edition turned out to have zero carbon emission. In order to balance out the carbon emission of the program, the participants have planted over 80 trees showing their care and respect for the environment. This idea emerged on the very first day of the inaugural session, initiated and brought to success by a Dojô participant.

A “transformative” experience

What we see and learn in this program is priceless and can’t be found anywhere. I will take this for the rest of my life and I hope I can carry out something that really changes the world to something better, an initiative like this makes us believe that it is possible. Franciele Theiss

This experience taught me to believe in things that I was starting to forget.  Values that are vital to live with others and ourselves. This experience will motivate me for all my life helping me to overcome obstacles and leave the world my legacy. Felipe Lean Mariani Borba

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