DCP's e-Learning courses

DCP provides e-learning opportunities to increase the outreach of its training activities. The online courses, based on sound academic principles, are intended for decision-makers from different government levels and representatives of the private sector, NGOs and international organizations.

The courses include highly social elements, self-assessment activities, hands-on tasks and peer-to-peer reviews. This wide set of activities ensures retention of content and knowledge sharing among participants and stimulates the creation of lively networks, which last long after the online courses end.

Courses available or under development

 Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries (English and Spanish)

The goal of the course is to enhance the capacity of local decision makers and urban and transportation planners to formulate and implement appropriate policies that contribute to sustainability in urban transport in developing countries. 

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 Governance in Urban Sanitation (English and French)

The goal of the course is to enhance the capacity of participants to make the most enlightened decisions and investments in the area of urban sanitation. It provides analytical tools to understand the financial and institutional framework of the sanitation sector, taking into account the needs of urban poor communities. 

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 Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (English)

The course aims to introduce the participant to the concept of CSR, operationalizing the term and ensuring a cohesive definition of CSR  and  its applications for corporate sustainability. Download the flyer  of the  previous session. 

 The SymbioCity Approach- Achieving Urban Sustainability in Asian Cities (English)

The course aims to enhance the capacity of urban planners, environmental managers, project managers and other practitioners to build sustainable urban environments in the Asia-Pacific Region. Participants will work together in city teams on concrete solutions to address their city’s specific urbanization challenges. 

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 Urban Water Governance and Management (in development)

The course aims to strengthen knowledge and capacities of participants to analyse, understand and address identified urban challenges in water governance and management in their cities in a sustainable manner.

 Renewable Energies for Developing Countries: Environmental Necessity –  Economic Opportunity

Presented by CIFAL Scotland, UNITAR, University of Strathclyde in partnership with the Scottish Government. 

The course aims to enhance the capacity of local decision makers and energy/sustainable development officers to make an informed decision on which renewable energy technologies will meet their own needs or the needs of their countries, communities, villages or neighbourhoods. 

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Introduction to the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Course dates: 5 May to 1 June 2014

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