Master in Development Policies and Practices

UNITAR’s DCP and the Graduate Institute of the University of Geneva are jointly implementing the Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices.

The edition 2012-2013 is being offered to civil servants from the Afghan Ministry of Finance.

The programme lasts for 12 consecutive months and ends in the conferral of a Master’s degree for successful candidates that fulfil all requirements.


The programme aims to strengthen the knowledge, skills, and capacities of ministerial officials on the themes of effective governance and sustainable development


The Master’s curriculum is implemented by professors from the Graduate Institute of the University of Geneva and by UNITAR trainers.

Curriculum 2012-2013

Module 1 (2 weeks in Istanbul + 3 weeks in Abu Dhabi)

  • Introduction to Development Frameworks
  • Analysis of Regional and International Development Issues
  • Public Policy and Public Administration
  • Investigation Methods and Tools
  • Strategic Mnagament of Development Actions

Module 2 (6 months in Kabul)

  • Public Financial Management Systems
  • Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Combating Corruption in Public Financial Mnaagemenet
  • Writing of a Master’s thesis

Module 3 (3 weeks in Geneva)

  • Mediation and Decision-making
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Networking with International Organizations
  • Presentation and defence of the Master’s thesis


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