International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 1168 - English
Published: 1 Apr, 2008
GLIDE: FL-2008-000004-NAM

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This map illustrates satellite-detected flood waters along the Kunene River channel, detected from a DMC satellite image recorded at 32 meters spatial resolution on 25 March 2008. There has been speculation of a possible hydraulic connection between the Kunene River and the Cuvelai drainage basin in Namibia. A close inspection of the imagery and detected water strongly suggests no water flow across this traditional watershed boundary, and thus Kunene flood waters are not contributing to the flooding in the Cuvelai. This analysis is preliminary and needs to be validated in the field. Map scale for A3: 1:220,000; Projection : UTM Zone 33 South; Datum : WGS 1984.
Satellite Data : DMC-UK
Resolution : 32m
Image Date : 25 March 2008
Copyright : DMC Internat. Imaging Ltd.
Flood Analysis :UNOSAT
Landsat Image : MDA-ESRI-NASA
Map Production : UNOSAT (1 April 2008)