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Published: 26 Aug, 2008
GLIDE: CE-2008-000001-GEO

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This atlas overview presents a satellite-based damage assessment for the affected area between Kekhvi and Tskhinvali, South Ossetia, Georgia following the armed conflict between Georgian and Russian military forces, August 2008. Damaged buildings have been identified with WorldView-1 and Formosat-2 satellite imagery acquired on 19 August 2008.
Affected buildings have been classified either as destroyed or severely damaged by image interpretation methods. Destroyed buildings were defined either by the total collapse of the structure or where it was standing but with less than 50% of the roof still intact. Severely damaged buildings were defined as having visible structural damage to a limited portion of one wall, or where a portion of the roof was damaged but with more than 50% of the roof still intact.
The estimated number of affected buildings within the mapped extent of each atlas sheet is described in a damage summary box. The estimated total number of affected buildings for the whole of the atlas series is 1,030. Of this total 787 buildings have likely been destroyed and 243 buildings have likely been severely damaged. Also marked within the atlas are buildings which were visibly burning while the satellite image was recorded on 19 August 2008.
An important preliminary finding of this satellite damage analysis is the observed heavy concentration of damages within clearly defined residential areas.
Each atlas map sheet shown in this overview is hyperlinked either to the individual maps on-line or within the PDF document.
Please note, this is an initial damage assessment and has not yet been independently validated on the ground.
Satellite Data : WorldView-1
Resolution : 50 cm
Imagery Date : 19 August 2008
Copyright : Digital Globe (2008)
Source: U.S. Department of State - HIU
Access Rules : NextView "EULA" - 2008
Additional Imagery : Formosat-2 (2m pansharpened)
Imagery Copyright : NSPO 2008
Imagery Date : 19 August 2008
Damage Analysis : UNOSAT
Projection : Pulkovo 1995 GK Zone 8N
Datum :Pulkovo 1995