International Charter Space and Major Disasters
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Published: 28 Mar, 2009
GLIDE: FL-2009-000062-NAM

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This map illustrates satellite-detected increase in flood water extent along the Chobe River between the dates 17, 20 and 25 March 2009 in the Caprivi Region, Namibia. Flooded areas are sorted into 4 classes by date: Red areas represent the spread of flood waters from 20 to 25 March; orange areas the spread from 17 to 20 March; and yellow areas the extent of flood waters on 17 March 2009; Blue areas represent pre-flood water from multiple dates. Flood analysis was made using Radarsat-2 & ENVISAT-ASAR data. Because of the difference in satellite sensors, there is some degree of uncertainty about the exact level of flood extent change over time. This flood detection is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field.
Map Scale for A3: 1:185,000;Projection:UTM Zone 34 South, Datum : WGS 1984
Radar Data (1) : RADARSAT-2
Radar Resolution : 25m
Radar Dates : 25 March 2009
Copyright : RADARSAT-2 © MDA 2009
Credit : Canadian Space Agency
Radar Data (2): ENVISAT ASAR (WSM)
Radar Resolution : 150 m
Radar Dates : 17-20 March 2009
Copyright : ESA 2009
Source: ESA-Cat1 (Respond Project)
Road & Town Data : Namibia Directorate Survey & Mapping
Flood Analysis : UNOSAT
Spot Heights : SRTM
Pre Water: Global data (ESRI 2007)
Map Production : UNOSAT (27 March 2009)