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Published: 19 Jun, 2010
GLIDE: CE-2010-000113-KGZ

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Satellite-detected Roadblocks and "SOS" Signs suggest Probable Ethnic-Uzbek Neighborhood in Distress - approximate location between Uchar and Toloykon (Tuleyken) areas, southern Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Based on a detailed review of crisis satellite imagery acquired the morning of 18 June 2010, there is compelling evidence to suggest that there are several ethnic-Uzbek neighborhoods within the city of Osh that are potentially still heavily populated and relatively undamaged by the reported arson attacks. These distressed neighborhoods have been identified by the presence of multiple roadblocks at main road and bridge entry points, as well as the presence of multiple "SOS" signs painted on interior roads within clearly defined residential areas. In most of these identified neighborhoods, a significant majority of buildings appear to be undamaged and thus could still provide shelter to potentially thousands of local residents.
Within the suspected ethnic-Uzbek neighborhood identified in this emergency report as Location 1 (see map below), there are sixteen "SOS" signs, and eight roadblocks. The roadblocks are situated on main roads and bridges which cross the small river running along the northern boundary of the neighborhood. The approximate location of this neighborhood is west of the Osh River, between the urban areas of Uchar and Toloykon (Tuleyken) in southern Osh.
This crisis assessment was produced in direct support of international and local emergency staff on the ground in Osh, with the understanding that the assessment conclusions are based exclusively on satellite imagery analysis with an associated moderate degree of uncertainty, and have not yet been validated on the ground.
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Map scale for A4: 1:12,000; Projection: UTM Zone 43N; Datum : WGS-84.
Satellite Imagery : QuickBird 02
Resolution : 60cm
Imagery Date : 18 June 2010
Source : Eurimage S.p.A.
Copyright : DigitalGlobe 2010
Fire Data : MODIS Aqua - Terra
Fire Processing : U.of Maryland, NASA
Fire Dates : 9 - 14 June 2010
Elevation Data : Aster GDEM
Source : METI & NASA 2009
Admin. Data : OCHA
Road & City Data : Google MapMaker
Report Analysis : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Report Production : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Analysis Date : 19 June 2010