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Published: 8 Jan, 2013
GLIDE: TC-2012-000201-WSM

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This report provides a detailed analysis of damages observed in the coastal area of Tuamasaga District, Upolu, Samoa. Pleiades Satellite imagery acquired on 19 December 2012 and GeoEye 01 acquired on 24 September April 2012 was used for this report. A majority of buildings damaged or destroyed are mainly residential with roof damages and debris with occasional collapsed structures. In addition to building damages, sections of forests are observed to have collapsed or stripped of vegetation from the cyclone winds and potential flash floods with timber debris collected along the river banks and the coast. This report is in support of international humanitarian assistance and created to respond to the needs of the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, UN agencies and their partners. This assessment has not yet been validated in the field.
Satellite Data (Post-Crisis): Pleiades
Imagery Dates: 19 December 2012
Resolution: 0.5m
Copyright: 2012 Astrium GEO-Information Services
Source: CNES
Satellite Data (Pre-Crisis): GeoEye 01
Imagery Date: 24 September April 2012
Resolution: 2m
Copyright: GeoEye
Source: USGS
Analysis : UNITAR / UNOSAT
Production: UNITAR / UNOSAT
Analysis conducted with ArcGIS v10.1