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Published: 8 Mar, 2017
GLIDE: TC20170306MDG

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This map illustrates satellite-detected flood waters over Maroantsetra area, Analanjirofo region in Madagastcar as observed from the TerraSAR-X radar image acquired on 08 March 2017 compared with to a Radarsat-2 image acquired on 04 May 2014. Several zones seem to be inundated and have experienced an increase of standing waters. These zones are mainly agricultural and/or swamps around the town of Maroantsetra. These waters seem to be the results of the recent heavy rain related also to the cyclone ENAWO-17 which made landfall the 07 March 2017. It is likely that flood waters have been systematically underestimated along highly vegetated areas along main river banks and within built-up urban areas because of the special characteristics of the satellite data used. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR UNOSAT.
Satellite Data (1): TerraSAR-X
Imagery Dates: 08 March 2017
Resolution: 8 m
Copyright: TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X © DLR e.V. 2017, Distribution Airbus DS Geo GmbH
Source: DLR
Satellite Data (2): Radarsat-2
Imagery Dates: 04 May 2014
Resolution: 6 m
Copyright: MacDonald, Dewitter and Associates, Ltd. (2017)
Source: CSA
Baseline Data : HDX, OCHA & WFP, OpenStreetMap