Product ID: 2751 - English
Published: 3 Jan, 2018
GLIDE: CE20131218SSD

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This map illustrates satellite-detected structures in the area of the Yusuf Batil settlement in South Sudan. Using a satellite image collected by the Pleiades satellite on 31 October 2017, UNOSAT located 15,970 structures. Of these, 209 were administrative structures, 5,012 were improvised shelters, 70 were semi-permanent structures, and 10,679 were tent shelters. This settlement is located the northern part of the country, in Eastern Nile State, about 40km from the border with Sudan. The population in November 2017 was about 43,000. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR - UNOSAT.
Satellite Data: Pleiades
Imagery Dates: 31 October 2017
Resolution: 50cm
Copyright: (c) CNES (2017), Distribution AIRBUS DS
Source: Airbus Defense and Space
Road Data : OpenStreetMap
Analysis : UNITAR - UNOSAT
Production: UNITAR - UNOSAT