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Published: 29 May, 2018
GLIDE: TC20180525YEM

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UNITAR-UNOSAT has performed a rapid satellite based analysis and assessment to illustrate the impact in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Mekunu-18
over Hadiboh, Socotra Island, Yemen. For this analysis UNOSAT has used satellite images over the area before and after the cyclone:
Pre event: Planet from 13 May 2018 (3 m resolution)
Post event: Planet from 27 May 2018 (3 m resolution)
Satellite Data: Planet
Copyright: 2018 Planet / Planet
Satellite Data (Post): Planet
Imagery Dates: 13 & 27 May 2018
Resolution: 3 m
Copyright: 2018 Planet Labs Inc. All rights reserved
Road Data: OpenStreetMap