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Published: 29 Aug, 2019
GLIDE: FR20190825BOL

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This map illustrates satellite-detected fire detections, collected by the NASA Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer and accessed via NASA FIRMS, between 28-29 August 2019. Within the area of interest (comandos) 69 hotpots were detected mainly in puertoSuarez and San Ignacio.This is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT.
Satellite Data (1) : MODIS
Dates: 28 (02:55 UTC) - 29 August 2019 (03:40 UTC)
Resolution : 1 km
Copyright: NASA
Other data : OSM, HDX, USGS, UNCS, NASA, NGA
Analyses : UNITAR - UNOSAT
Production: UNITAR - UNOSAT