Product ID: 3145 - English
Published: 26 Oct, 2020
GLIDE: TC20201013VNM

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Status: Floods observed in agricultural and urban area
Further actions(s): Continue monitoring
Date of assessment validity: 26 October 2020
Preliminary observations, impact and severity:
Satellite detected waters observed along the coast as of 23 October 2020;
Flood waters affecting agricultural fields and urban areas in all AOIs as of 23 October 2020;
Damaged roads and potentially flooded structures observed in all AOIs as of 23 October 2020.
(1) pre-event (reference) image:
GeoEye-1, 15 May 2020 [DigitalGlobe, Inc]
ESRI Base map
(2) post-event image:
Pleiades, 23 October 2020 [CNES (2020)]
Distribution Airbus D&S
(3) baseline data
Administrative boundaries: