Product ID: 3223 - English
Published: 8 Jan, 2021
GLIDE: TC20201215FJI

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This map illustrates potentially damaged structures and buildings in Galoa Island, Bua province, Northern division of Fiji as detected by satellite images acquired after landfall of the Tropical Cyclone YASA. UNITAR-UNOSAT analysis used a WorldView-2 image acquired on 30 December 2020 as a post-event image. Within the island extent, UNITAR-UNOSAT identified 56 damaged structures and 17 potentially damaged structures. Taking into account the pre-building footprints provided by OpenStreetMap, this represents about 80% of the total number of structures.
This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR-UNOSAT.
Satellite Data: WorldView-2
Imagery Date (Post) : 30 Dec 2020
Imagery Date (Pre) : 13 Dec 2020
Resolution : 50 cm
Copyright : 2020 Digital Globe
Source : USGS-HDDS
Administrative boundaries: Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics
Background: Bing
Production: UNITAR - UNOSAT