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Published: 4 May, 2021
GLIDE: FL20210503SOM

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Status: Inundated agricultural fields observed
Further action(s): continue monitoring
Beletweyne area:
Shabelle river is increasing;
Inundated agricultural fields observed east of Beletweyne City as of 04 May 2021.
Jowhar area:
Barey village almost completely inundated as of 04 May 2021;
Inundated area observed in the western part of Jowhar City as of 04 May 2021;
Inundated agricultural fields observed north & south of Jowhar City as of 04 May 2021.
(1) Satellite Image (Post-event)
Pleiades/ 4 May 2021
Copyright: CNES (2021), distribution Airbus D&S
Source: Airbus DS
(2) Satellite Image (Pre-event)
WorldView-3 / 12 January 2018
Copyright: 2021 Digital Globe
Source: USGS / HDDS
ESRI World Imagery
(3) Ancillary data
Administrative boundaries: OCHA
District town neighborhood: WikiMapia
Populated place: OpenStreetMap