Product ID: 764 - English
Published: 23 Aug, 2006
GLIDE: OT-2006-000000-LBN

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Map covering Lebanon, northern Israel and parts of Jordan and Syria depicting the situation during the Middle East Crisis including locations of attacks by Hezbollah and Israel Defence Force (IDF), Israeli naval blockade zone, UNDOF and UNIFIL deployment zones as well as short report summaries. The map also includes the extent of an oil slick following an IDF attack.
Map projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Datum: WGS84
Map scale: 1:500,000 for A2 size prints
Map updated: 14 August 2006
Map production: UNOSAT
NOTICE: this map is an example of situation maps produced daily by UNOSAT since the beginning of the crisis. These maps were not published on our site for public access before the cease fire since they were produced for humanitarian operational support in the field.
Attack locations: Reuters, ReliefWeb, BBC, AP, AFP, CNN, IRIN, Daily Star, YNet, Jerusalem Post, Aljazeera, UNIFIL daily reports
Oil slick extent: International Charter Space and Major Disasters, DLR, TeleSpazio through RISK-EOS