International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 770 - English
Published: 24 Aug, 2006
GLIDE: FL-2006-000122-ETH

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This map shows the difference between normal water levels derived from Landsat ETM+ scenes (2000-2001) and, 'Likely flood affected areas' extracted from SPOT5 image acquired on 19 August 2006. On this map also figure human settlements, main roads, and elevation contour lines.
Background image :
Sensor: Landsat ETM+
Acquisition date: 27/01/2000, 05/02/2001
Resolution: 14.25 m
Source: USGS
Normal water level derived from:
Landsat ETM+ (2000, 2001 scenes)
Likely flood affected area derived from:
Sensor: SPOT5
Acquisition date: 19/08/2006
Resolution: 20 m
Source: copyright CNES 2006, distributed by Spot Image
Elevation data: SRTM
Resolution: 90 m
Source: NASA
Elevation contours: every 100 m
Geographic Data:
Administrative boundaries: VAM Ethiopia
Roads: GlobalInsight
Places: GeoNet Names, NGA
Datum: WGS84
Projection: NUTM37
Map scale: 1: 150,000 for A2 print
Map created on 24 August 2006, v 1.0
Map produced by UNOSAT