Product ID: 784 - English
Published: 6 Oct, 2006
GLIDE: OT-2006-000000-LBN

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Damage assessment identifying individual locations and types of damage in Bent Jbail, Lebanon. Damage assessment has been done using photo-interpretation of pre and post-crisis Ikonos satellite imagery.
The map shows damages with a blast radius of 100m and gives a damage assessment summary on buildings, bridges, industrial sites, irrigation canals, roads and fields.
Satellite image: Ikonos
Image resolution: 1 m
Image acquisition date:
Pre-disaster image: 17 June 2005
Post disaster image: 10 September 2006
Image copyright: European Space Imaging
Projection: UTM Zone 36 N
Datum: WGS84
Map scale: 1:2,500 for A1 size prints
Map created: 13 October 2006, version 1.1
Image analysis and map production: UNOSAT