International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 916 - English
Published: 8 Apr, 2007
GLIDE: TS-2007-000042-SLB

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This map presents an initial damage assessment over Ghizo Island using post-disaster QuickBird satellite imagery recorded 5 April 2007. Tsunami-affected areas have been classified into 3 types: 1) Building Damage (in red) for areas of likely damage to buildings and infrastructure; 2) Coastal Flooding (in yellow) for areas of identified as likely inundated and possibly eroded; and 3) Standing flood waters (in blue) for areas of visible water likely caused by the tsunami. Please note:: this is only an initial assessment and will be updated with additional imagery when available.
Map Scale for A3 Prints: 1:35,000
Projection: UTM Zone 57S - WGS 1984
QuickBird Image: 5 April 2007
Image Resolution: 0.6m (Pansharpened)
Image Copyright: Digital Globe 2007
Map Production: UNOSAT (8 April 2007)