International Charter Space and Major Disasters
Product ID: 917 - English
Published: 11 Apr, 2007
GLIDE: TS-2007-000042-SLB

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This map identifies local settlements along a portion of the western coast of Kolombangara Island potentially-affected by the Tsunami of 1 April 2007 (GMT). Settlement areas have been identified from a post-disaster Formosat-2 satellite image recorded 6 April 2007, and have been classified into two groups: those close to the coast and less than 10m in elevation (marked in red), and those above 10m and/or more than 250m from the coast (marked in blue). Because of limitations of spatial resolution and relevant pre-disaster imagery, a preliminary damage assessment was not conducted for this area. Please note: this map product will be updated when additional imagery becomes available.
Map Scale for A3: 1:50,000
Projection: UTM Zone 57S
Datum: WGS 1984
Satellite Image: FORMOSAT2 (6/4/07)
Sensor Type: 2m (Pansharpened)
Copyright : NSPO - 2007
Map Production: UNOSAT (11 April 2007)V 1.0
Map Updated: UNOSAT (12 April 2007) V 1.1