Product ID: 962 - English
Published: 13 Aug, 2007
GLIDE: OT-2007-000001-LBN

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This map presents a current damage assessment for the Palestinian refugee camp, Nahr al-Bared and surrounding vicinity. Damage sites have been classified according to basic type (e.g. buildings, fields, bridges, etc.) as well as by the interpreted level of damage visible in the available conflict satellite imagery (e.g. destroyed, severe damage, etc.). Demolition zones marked on this map represent urban areas likely to have been cleared to facilitate the movement of heavy artillery and/or tanks into forward positions of combat. All analysis has been done using photo-interpretation of pre and post-conflict satellite imagery recorded 9 July 2005, 1 July 2007 & 2 August 2007 respectively.
This damage assessment was done on behalf of UNDP.
Map Scale for A1 Prints: 1:1,850
Projection: UTM Zone 36N
Datum: WGS 1984
Text information sources: Daily Star, BBC, Reuters, UN
Satellite image: QuickBird (60cm)
Image Dates : 2 August 2007
Image Copyright: Digital Globe
Data Sources: GIST, UNOSAT
Damage Analysis: UNOSAT
Map Production: UNOSAT (8 August 2007)