e-Learning Course on Environmental Diplomacy

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Environmental Diplomacy

Negotiating Climate Change:from Durban and beyond

8 weeks   English/Spanish

An e-Learning course to improve your understanding of the international climate change policy framework. 


Green Diplomacy

6 weeks  English

An e-Learning course that will enable you to internalize environmental sustainability concerns into multilateral diplomacy.

Negotiating Climate Change Finance

4 weeks  English

An e-Learning course to enable you to enhance your understanding of the key objectives and instruments of international climate finance, the multilateral policy framework and key negotiation issues crucial to reaching a post-2012 agreement.

Negotiating Climate Change Adaptation and Loss and Damage: from Cancun and beyond

5 weeks  English

An e-Learning course which aims to facilitate international negotiations, public sector work, and diplomatic engagement in relation to climate change impacts and adaptation measures through an enhanced understanding of its science, the international policy framework, and the key negotiation issues pertinent to the UNFCCC process.

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