e-Learning Course on Skills Development

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Skills Development

Mediation Skills

4 weeks   English

An e-Learning course to develop your mediation skills for international diplomacy.


Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks

4 weeks   English

An e-Learning course to equip you with the conceptual knowledge and practical tools to efficiently overcome deadlocks in negotiations and successfully negotiate towards beneficial outcomes.

Chairing International Conferences

2 weeks    English/French

An e-Learning course that will teach you how to work with a chairperson and how to chair a conference yourself.


Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiation

4 weeks    French

An e-Learning course that will help you deal efficiently with tensions, differences and conflicts in multilateral negotiations.


Cosmopolitan Communication: Connecting across Diplomats, Business Leaders and Civil Society Actors

4 weeks   English

An e-Learning course to help you reinforce your knowledge on the process of communication, explore cultural awareness and understand the differences in communication among various cultures.

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