February 2016, Geneva, Switzerland - The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represents an unprecedented moment in human history for global governance and the protection of human rights (individuals) and our planet (the environment). The international legal system plays a pivotal role in defining and regulating the governance context in which the new 2030 development agenda and SDGs will operate.

International legal frameworks and competent institutions and civil societies serve as instruments to strengthen the three inter-linked pillars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental). Policy-makers, experts and advocates are being faced with the challenge of developing and implementing effective solutions to counteract climate change, unsustainable practices and protect the environment under a human rights approach.

For 2016, UNITAR’s International Law portfolio has therefore revamped itself under the motto of International Law for Sustainable Development, or in more simple terms, Law4Dev. The Law4Dev portfolio covers the areas of environmental democracy and the Rio Principle 10, international environmental law, human rights, humanitarian law, economic law and water law.

The novelties are already visible on the new web page, new social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), and new 2016 online courses calendar (PDF).

These pages were just launched as content curation tools for sharing knowledge on the various subjects of international law mentioned above. Moreover, the online courses available for 2016 also cover specific capacity-development opportunities of these subjects. These Web 2.0 tools and online courses aim to empower followers and participants with the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the implementation of internationally agreed environmental and human rights goals and the SDGs.