Collegiate Internationals (CI) is an international student-run project for international students, and an initiative of Collegiate Congress. As a leading student advocacy organization, Collegiate Congress is a Non-Governmental Organization comprising representatives of college student governments. By developing a cohesive voice, Collegiate Congress aims to educate and advocate on behalf of otherwise separated constituents.

Collegiate Congress’ mission is to empower young people through socio-political knowledge. We emphasize the role students can and should play in the political process, and promote their involvement in social and political activities. The need for this investment in the leaders of tomorrow is not exclusive to New York City, of course, but remains a pressing concern all over the world. Within higher education, there has been a well-noted drift away from college as a social good. The promotion of more market-minded studies at the expense of social studies and the humanities serve as an example of this drift. Like the U.N., Collegiate Congress values higher education partly for its ability to develop an active and engaged citizenry.

By teaming up with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, we have developed a curriculum that sees a brighter future through diplomacy. This newly-designed programme allows participants to listen to and learn about international relations and politics from those actively engaged in these fields – the diplomats themselves. Envisioned for students currently enrolled in Political Science, International Relations, Urban Affairs, or a similar academic programme, the desire to better understand world affairs is a must. 

The programme will start in October 2018: 


Programme Schedule

Class Schedule: 12 October to 14 December 2018

Class Days: Fridays (subject to change based on the UN Agenda)

Class Venue: The UN Secretariat Conference Room F


Programme Structure

Unit I: Academic: Total of twenty-one hours of lecture sessions.

Unit II: Practical: Fifteen to twenty hours of attending meetings of the six main committees of the General Assembly

Final Project:  12-14-page thesis paper. The students will be asked to choose either a topic related to current global issues or a topic described in the Academic Unit.

Extracurricular activities:

Attendance at UN events such as meetings of the General Assembly and open meetings of the Security Council will take place on Friday afternoons.


To register for this course, please go to the following link:

All are invited. For further information, please contact Mr. Pelayo Alvarez,UNITAR New York Office 

(e-mail; or; tel. 1 (212) 963-9196).