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Date: 28 April 2011
Venue: Conference room B (NLB), United Nations Headquarters, New York


According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, there are 24 million young migrants (age group 15-24) globally. Despite their numerical significance and the effort to make migration an integral component of poverty reduction strategies, young migrants often remain underrepresented in international migration policy and debate, reducing de facto their potential contributions to social and economic development.  Among other challenges youth migrants face, health constitutes a particular area that must be addressed in a comprehensive and coordinated manner.

Several studies demonstrate how overtime migrants in host societies, after an initial period of general improvement to their health condition known as “migrant health effect”, become more vulnerable to a vast array of health risks including inter alia reproductive health related issues, psycho-social affects particular to their age, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse and eating disorders.  These risks are often exacerbated by poverty, social exclusion and limited access to social security benefits.

Recognizing these shortcomings, this briefing, set in the context of the International Year of Youth (August 2010-August 2011) and the outcome of the 2010 World Youth Conference (Guanajuato Declaration), will shed light on the data gaps concerning migrant youth and assess the relevant health risks for this specific category of migrants.  Further, it will evaluate the progress and setbacks at the international, national and local level in promoting coordinated migrant health policies and programmes aimed at pursuing the highest attainable level of physical and mental health of youth migrants.


Additional Information

Information Note (English)

Agenda (English)


Summary Report

Summary Report


Knowledge Tool: Local Authorithies, Migration and Youth (working paper)


Opening Remarks

Ms. Yvonne Lodico, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR

Ms. Ann Pawliczko, United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA





The UN International Year of Youth: World Youth Conference and the Relevance of the Guanajauto Declaration

H.E. Mr. Claude Heller, Permanent Representative of Mexico to the UN


Panel 1

Migrant Youth: Assessing Health Risks and Migration Trends

Mr. Pablo Lattes, Population Division, DESA

Mr. Manuel Carballo, International Centre for Migration Health and Development, ICMHD, and Ms. Pamela Delargy, United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA (PPT and Talking Notes)

Mr. Werner Obermeyer, World Health Organization, WHO


Panel 2

Institutional Framework and Multilateral Cooperation: Identifying Achievements and Protection Gaps

Mr. Alejandro Morlachetti, University of Lanús, Argentina

Ms. Paola Pace, International Organization for Migration, IOM



Background material

Proclamation of the United Nations International Year of Youth, Resolution A/RES/64/134

2010 World Youth Conference: Guanajuato declaration

UN 2010 World Programme of Action for Youth 

2010 Global Consultation on Migrant Health; Madrid (Spain), 3-5 March; Final Report 

Ensuring Access To Health Services and Financial Protection for Migrants, World Health Organization (WHO), 2010


Contact: Mr. Pierpaolo Capalbo