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The 2005 World Summit decided to establish a Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) as an intergovernmental advisory body within the UN system. This decision was implemented and the Commission established by a joint UN General Assembly and Security Council resolution (A/Res/60/180 and S/RES/1645 (2005)) in December 2005. The PBC's primary mandate is to promote post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery by bringing together the relevant actors both within and outside the UN to devise strategies and to identify the resources to promote sustainable reconstruction, peace and development. The body is composed of a core 31-member Organizational Committee which is to be assisted by a new Peacebuilding Support Office, based in the UN Secretariat in New York, and a Peacebuilding Fund. The UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) began its formal country-specific meetings in October 2006 by considering the situations in Sierra Leone and Burundi.

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