Date: 8 March 2012
Venue: United Nations Headquarters, New York, Conference Room C, NLB


For any queries please contact Mr. Felix Haass (, 212 963 3021.


Securing seats or posts in various UN bodies has become a complicated and time-consuming but also important task for many election officers in UN Missions. This is particularly true as the Organization’s activities have expanded and more institutions have emerged. 

In response to popular demand, in 2007, UNITAR began to offer a workshop for election officers to

  • enhance their understanding of election procedures and processes;

  • equip them with the necessary overview and tools to identify opportunities for candidatures; and

  • provide them with insights and experiences of successful campaigning by Member States.


The one-day workshop will consist of five sessions. The first session will give an overview of the UN organs and outline their respective composition. The second session will discuss methods and techniques for effective campaigning by Permanent Missions, including an Ambassador’s roundtable on campaigning experiences. The third session will introduce participants to the website CandiWeb. The fourth session, will address in more detail the rules and procedures and voting, and in the fifth session, election officers of the regional groups will share insights with regard to the decision-making within the regional groups when endorsing candidates.

This workshop is intended for election officers and other delegates of Permanent Missions in New York who are involved or interested in the election to UN organs. Registration will be limited to 40 persons. Selected participants are requested to regard their participation as a firm commitment.

Working Language: English

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