Environment, natural resources and UN peacekeeping operations: introduction | on-line (English) | self-paced (no moderator)
The goal of the module is to increase general awareness of key environmental and natural resource concepts to all peacekeeping staff. 
03 February - 19 December 2014
Deadline for application | no deadline

Registration for this course is open throughout the year.


Natural resource management in post-conflict countries| on-line (English) | moderated
The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the role natural resources play in conflict environments, illustrating both positive and negative situations where natural resources have an impact on a conflict and – conversely - how the environment is impacted by conflict. The course also explores the different methods for using natural resources as entry points for building peace and strengthening governance, before giving an overview of how natural resources can be integrated into community recovery programmes. Finally, it looks at the technologies, practices and habits that can be implemented to ensure that peacekeeping missions have a minimal impact on the local environment.
05 March - 02 April 2014
Deadline for application | 26 February 2014
24 September - 22 October 2014
Deadline for application | 17 September 2014