The Creativity and Culture for Development Initiative (Crea4Dev) intends to build skills and enhance knowledge of policymakers, creative entrepreneurs and artists through a holistic learning approach.

Building on UNITAR’s expertise in methodological approaches and UNCTAD’s extensive policy-oriented analysis of the creative industries Crea4Dev will deliver innovative training activities, and empower beneficiaries to use the potential of creative and cultural industries for socioeconomic development.

Activities will be developed with a blend of learning technologies and supported by quality assurance and certification. Design methods will combine knowledge (know-what), skills (know-how) and attitudes (know-why)

Creative & Cultural Industries

Creative and cultural industries are activities based on individual creativity, skills and talent and deal with the interface between economy, culture, technology and social aspects.

The Sustainable Development Goals as well as regional development agendas put forward the promotion of creative and cultural industries and encourage policies that support entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Small Island Developing States Accelerated Modalities of Action (SAMOA Pathway) aspire to ensure that the creative arts are major contributors to the regions’ growth and transformation.
The economic approach to culture is a relatively recent phenomenon. According to the African Development Bank Group, creative industries in Africa were projected to grow by 5% in 2016.

What does Crea4Dev offer?


Transformative Dialogues on Creativity for Development

• To facilitate knowledge and experience sharing between policymakers, the private sector, civil society and independent artists
• To favor innovative approaches that appreciate and understand the dynamics of the sector
• To develop a participatory action plan

Transformative Development Strategies

 To integrate creative and cultural industries into national development plans, appreciating the sector’s cross-cutting nature
• To review the policies and regulations needed to nurture the sector

Open Knowledge and Digital Storytelling Platform

• To use crowdsourcing methodologies to share experiences, success stories, good practices and case studies on cultural and creative industries

• To build upon existing knowledge, facilitating its practical use and enabling innovation



Creativity for Development Online Course

• To promote a broad understanding of the value of culture and creativity and of elements that can contribute to a culture of innovation.

Creative Entrepreneurship Cram Course

 To equip creative entrepreneurs to establish and nurture their businesses.

Sports and Talent for Entrepreneurship workshops

• To develop youth’s self-confidence and teamwork skills and help them realize their strengths through creativity and sport activities

Expected Results

• Enhanced socioeconomic development anchored on creativity and cultural identity

• Enhanced opportunities for partnerships, in particular linking small and micro creative entrepreneurs to national and international markets

• Imporved capacities for creating, diversifying and distributing creative goods and services 


UNITAR is a project-based organisation, supported by voluntary contributions from governments, intergovernmental organisations and other non-governmental sources such as foundations and the private sector. The Institute is seeking strategic and financial partners for Crea4Dev within and outside the UN system, as well as with public and private entities. Partners include UNCTAD and other institutions such as HIVOS, FIAM, UNISINOS and The Innovation Hub.

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