UNITAR partners in the launch event of the new "World’s Universities with Real Impact" ranking (WURI).

The WURI ranking, developed by the Institute for Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness (IPSNC), is a new system, which evaluates innovative programs in academic institutions. It is designed to measure universities’ performance in creating real values to society in the following four respects:

  1. Industrial applications, rather than the traditional ways of counting research papers and lecture-type teaching.
  2. Value-creating startups and entrepreneurship, rather than a traditional focus on the number of jobs filled.
  3. Social responsibility, ethics, and integrity, rather than a focus on knowledge and skills for material success.
  4. Student mobility and openness for exchange and collaboration between schools and across national borders, rather than an independent yet closed system.

We hope that the WURI ranking will complement existing university rankings, which emphasize research performance, measuring the number of research papers, and traditional methods of knowledge-transfer.

Online inauguration

An inaugural zoom conference on June 11 will take place to celebrate the release of the WURI ranking, organized by four global institutions:

  • Hanseatic League of Universities (HLU)
  • Taylor Institute (TI) of Franklin University in Switzerland (FUS)
  • United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
  • The Institute for Policy and Strategy on National Competitiveness (IPSNC)

This online conference introduces the WURI ranking system and provides an outlook on the challenges and opportunities for higher education institutions. In line with its mission and SDG 4 on ensuring quality learning opportunities for all, UNITAR hopes this new ranking system will assist in sharing, discovering, learning, and adopting innovative practices in higher education from around the world.

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