The British Legal Centre and UNITAR have created a system where both organizations’ audiences may be introduced to further opportunities to advance their skills, networks, and careers on their own time. Having an understanding of the legal system and being able to navigate it in an informed manner is essential even for those who have not undertaken a profession involving the law. Knowing how to draft a contract, understanding how to use specific vocabulary with clarity and precision, and learning to navigate legal English are all valuable transferable skills which have become more accessible for all audiences through this collaboration.  

As the current health crisis has caused many to work from home and have an increasingly irregular schedule, all our courses are set up to be as flexible as possible.  Lessons can be accessed through private one-on-one courses, group lessons, or pre-recorded lessons which can be accessed any time. All courses are set up to use a hands-on approach where students apply the theories they have studied to real-life situations, through case studies, interactive exercises, and more. In addition, the implementation of the most up-to-date technology available to the courses has made the online learning experience as smooth and engaging as possible. 


Included in the initial stages of this collaboration is one Contract Law course, one Contract and Legal Document Drafting course, one Legal English course, and one Legal Writing course. Other courses will be added over the coming months.

  • The Contract Law course is designed to help participants understand the law and correct use of contract law vocabulary through a series of lessons which cover all aspects of Contract Law as it is understood in common law countries
  • Contract and Legal Document Drafting teaches the necessary skills of writing clear documents and contracts and explains essential legal vocabulary and phrases.
  • The Legal English course covers both the law and legal vocabulary relating to contract and commercial topics, plus IP Law, Banking and Finance topics.
  • Finally, the Legal Writing course covers essential vocabulary and phrases which are most often used in legal correspondence and documents such as contracts.

Contract Law Course


The Contract Law course covers the law of contract and the vocabulary needed by lawyers working in this area of law. The course uses video-conference technology to deliver brief online speaking, reading, and listening exercises and tasks. The exercises following each lesson include a variety of different multiple-choice tasks. These are designed to help participants understand and learn the correct use of the vocabulary through its use in simulated work scenarios that occur in the daily working lives of lawyers in practice. This course includes the legal principles of contract law and deals with breaches, remedies, estoppel, part-performance, restraint of trade, guaranties, indemnities, warranties, conditions, and other essential contract law. 

Contract and Legal Document Writing


The Contract and Legal Document Drafting Course presents practical key English contract drafting techniques, law, and terminology in both live, and recorded, online video-conference lessons.  

The course teaches the essential skills of writing clear documents and contracts, explaining essential legal vocabulary and phrases, including Latin and old Norman French. This is a 15-unit, interactive, online course, covering both drafting skills and the key elements of English contract law and terminology. The course includes the drafting, use and legal effect of basic contracts, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, assignments and third-party rights, guarantees, indemnities, warranties, conditions, and other contract terms. Rights, remedies, and enforceability are all covered in online lessons. The course exercises teach the techniques and vocabulary through testing and feedback.  

Legal English Course


The “Legal English Course” will help participants overcome their legal English problems and expand their general legal skills and their knowledge of Contract, Commercial, Company and Financial Law at the same time. 

This course teaches legal English, plus a wide range of essential legal soft skills to deal with clients and perform standard legal work. Additionally, the course will improve the legal vocabulary, legal knowledge, and essential skills of written and spoken legal English. 

Legal Writing Course


The “Legal Writing Course” will enhance the participants ability to write clearly and correctly, as it is the basis upon which clients will assess your professional ability. Lawyers must master accurate legal writing to progress their careers. Every document you write should demonstrate that you are a professional, clearheaded, knowledgeable, and accurate lawyer - just the type that clients want to deal with. 


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