​​​​​​​About the Fellowship

Iraq, a country that has been experiencing over a decade of warfare and violence, is faced with an array of challenges that undermine sustainable development and recovery. Against this background, the UNITAR Hiroshima Office, with the support of the People of Japan, launched a training programme to support Iraq to promote indigenous capacity development.

The UNITAR Iraq Fellowship Programme: Entrepreneurship and Leadership Youth Training is a six-month-long programme that focuses on project implementation and development, aiming to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for effective project management and leadership for 24 junior-mid level professionals from public and private sectors, civil society organizations, and academic institutions in Iraq. Participants, known as Fellows, are trained to be able to identify local needs and national priorities and successfully design and implement projects to address them in ways that will help shape their nation’s path toward sustainable recovery and development. A special emphasis is placed on methodology and skills development related to leadership and mentoring. The Programme aims to develop the capacity of each individual Fellow to be a leader, able to contribute to organizational change within their respective ministry, organization, or business.

UNITAR believes developing social entrepreneurship is critical to Iraq’s future development and success due to its ability to solve social problems and create employment opportunities, especially for youth. The Programme’s six-month-long training will deliver a deep understanding of its thematic content as well as guide participants in putting what they learn into practice with constant engagement through face-to-face workshops, online sessions, and assignments.

UNITAR would like to sincerely thank the Government of Japan for its funding support, the Government of Iraq and the Embassy of Japan in Iraq for their institutional support, and the United Nations Development Program Iraq for its logistical support in the realization of this unique training programme.

Learning Objectives


The Programme aims to equip participants with two sets of concrete skills:

  • Hard Skills: Project and business planning, need assessment, implementation, sales strategy, evaluation - needed for effective project and business development and implementation.
  • Soft Skills: Team work, communication, conflict identification and resolution, presentation, and leadership - needed for effective management of social businesses.

With these skills, participants can transform ideas into action. The skills will help widen the community of social entrepreneurs in Iraq as they work to generate social good for the people of their country.


Workshop I, held outside Japan, will introduce the participants to the concept of entrepreneurship and best practice for assessing indigenous needs. Workshop II, held in Hiroshima, Japan, will focus on the tools for effective communication and outline successful strategic business plans. Connecting these two workshops will be a range of asynchronous training modules on topics such as project planning, and the participants will undertake assignments and project work.

The workshops themselves will feature various learning methodologies, including lectures, group discussions, and small group and individual exercises. Fellows will have frequent opportunities to consult individually with Resource Persons and UNITAR staff.

Resource Persons

In addition to UNITAR staff, a network of international and local Resource Persons will continually engage with and support the participants through sharing of knowledge and experiences and by providing advice and feedback.