Capacity Development and Training

Capacity development and training are essential functions of UNOSAT with an aim to reduce the impact of disasters by making satellite solutions and the applications of geospatial technologies for disaster risk reduction (DRR) easily accessible to governments, regional and international organizations including the United Nations. We also focus at enhancing the capacity of disaster management professionals to use geospatial applications for disaster interventions.

UNOSAT capacity development and training portfolio includes:

  • In-country capacity development projects to strengthen national capacities in the use of satellite imagery for disaster risk management;
  • Technical trainings on the uses and applications of geospatial information technologies (GIT) for DRR
  • Conferences and technical workshops for raising awareness on the application of geospatial technologies for DRR coordination and decision making
  • Data production and technical backstopping for DRR and supporting with satellite based analysis and mapping of disasters.

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