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- Online Master Degrees
- Open Online Courses
- Courses for UNVs
More information to come soon.
Youth-led Peace and Reconciliation in Colombia: A Transformational Approach
- Pintando el Futuro
- Weapons and Ammunition Management in DDR context
- AU/UNITAR initiative “Building and maintaining capacity to implement DDR in Africa”
- Support to Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) (pre-deployment training & advisory of military personnel
- Support to pre-deployment preparation of medical and para-medical personnel (pre-deployment training & advisory of military and police)
- Integrated exercise & simulation village
- Pre-deployment SO
- Pre-deployment AMISOM
- Pre-deployment FPU
- Pre-deployment correction officers
- Support to the implementation of the uniformed gender strategy
- Specialized training on the application of IHRL/IHL in planning, commanding, and execution of combat operations
- Support to the establishment of psychiatric unit / FAMA
- Support to LAS
- CBP in the prevention of / response to sexual violence