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TEDxPlaceDesNatons 12 February 2016, Geneva, Switzerland – More than 1000 people joined in the well-known room XX (Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations room) at Palais des Nations and even more online for an incredible moment together: TEDxPlaceDesNations on 11 February 2016. We heard these 11 brilliant speakers talk about their personal stories, about the causes they defend with so much energy and passion. From a Cookstove Technologist to a Sexual Violence Adversary they all touched our hearts with their authenticity and the simple way in which they talked about their experiences. We are so proud to count in our team, Rohini Swaminathan who shared a story of herself and how it links to her today’s job at UNOSAT as Satellite Humanitarian. We would like to share some of these special moments with you through quotes and pictures:

TEDxPlaceDesNations2016 - Rohini Swaminathan“In today’s world the problem is not the lack of technology but the lack of awareness”,

Rohini Swaminathan about satellite imagery for humanitarian relief

“A child is a child until they mature AND NOT until they reach for their smartphone”

Beeban Kidron about children’s rights online.  

“I start by listening, it’s a beautiful lost art, especially among politicians”

Thabitha Khumalo about democracy

“Refugees are your family and mine”,

Ger Duany, Refugee Ambassador

"Imagine a world where today’s neglected diseases become tomorrow’s treatable conditions”

Dennis Liotta

"If you want people to ADOPT a strategy you need to let them ADAPT it. It's critical to adapt to people's own resources, beliefs and culture. Adapt to Adopt is our motto - Clean Hands Save Lives!"

Didier Pittet

“Your memories must also be filled with the aromas of foods that you love. Let’s keep these food traditions, but in a way that’s healthier for billions of people and cleaner for our planet.”

Ranyee Chang

"The strength of this century is built on real people becoming real players of their lives, sharing information and questioning together companies and governments to move them to put an end to the human slavery."

Leonardo Sakamoto

“Sexual violence is not unspeakable! Survivors deserve that we pronounce the words sexual violence and talk about it, fearless! To eventually shatter the taboo and shift the blame, at all levels and in all places."

Coline Rapneau

“Sustainable energy is achievable, but policy and regulations must catch up.”

Scott Foster

"Syrian refugees who never wanted to leave their homes are dying on the shores of my country. The migration crisis we see today is shameful and we can bring an end to this shame by being more inclusive."

Safak Pavey

Truly inspiring, these talks will be soon uploaded on youtube for you to watch, and Rohini's talk is already online:

There is nothing natural about disaster | Rohini Swaminathan | TEDxPlaceDesNations

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