Today we'll highlight two peoples who were working at the Decentralized Cooperation Programme
Xixi YANG from China: “I have joined the UNITAR’s Decentralized Cooperation Programme in September 2013 and I’m finishing my traineeship in March. My work focused in communicating with CIFAL Centres, collecting and organizing their information. I really enjoyed this experience because I learned a lot in just few months and encourages me to keep learning. I'm sincerely grateful for the help my colleagues gave to me during these 6 months. Thank you!!”.
Juan Salgado from Ecuador: “I had a wonderful and rewarding experience as a consultant at the Decentralized Cooperation Programme of UNITAR. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to interact and mingle with people from a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds. I must remark that the working atmosphere was warm, friendly and stimulating, therefore making this experience even more precious. My main task was to assist the Resource Mobilization Senior Adviser, Mohand Cherifi. I feel fortunate to have been able to be under the guidance of such a kind, experienced, knowledgeable and all-around wise person as Mr. Cherifi. I learned about the intricacies and subtleties of fundraising and the process to engage in project initiatives at the highest level. I am truly convinced that this experience will provide me with invaluable tools for my personal and professional development. I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to all my colleagues at DCP, for your fellowship, friendship and constant support. It's been an honor and a privilege working with you”.