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Product ID: 1206 - English
Published: 21 May, 2008
GLIDE: TC-2008-000057-MMR

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On May 2nd, 2008 the tropical cyclone "Nargis" hit the coast of Myanmar southwest of the capital Rangoon causing major damages particularly in the Irrawaddy region. Wind speeds of more than 200km/h and a storm surge of up to 3 meters in height destroyed more than 90 percent of housing and large parts of infrastructure and agriculture in some regions. About 24 million people were affected and estimated 50.000-100.000 people were killed.
The map shows central parts of Irrawaddy division with its normal water level derived from LANDSAT-7 ETM of November 7, 2000 and inundated areas of May 6, 2008 deduced from ALOS PALSAR radar satellite imagery. Inundated areas may also contain regions which were covered by water before the disaster due to the prevalence of wet-rice cultivation.
The results are superimposed on LANDSAT-7 ETM imagery of March 3, 2000
Image source: PALSAR, Copyright JAXA 2008
GIS data: USGS, Keyobs, WHO, NGA
Image processing and map production: Respond/DLR
User coordination and Space Charter management: UNOSAT