Product ID: 1408 - English
Published: 16 Jan, 2010
GLIDE: EQ-2010-000009-HTI

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This work was done in support of the international humanitarian relief effort in Haiti following the earthquake on 12 January 2010. Informal IDP sites, bridges and road obstacles have been identified in GeoEye-1 imagery recorded on 13 January 2010. This is a preliminary analysis & has not yet been validated in the field. Road and bridge damages have likely been underestimated. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR / UNOSAT. Map scale for A3: 1:25,000; Projection: UTM Zone 18 North; Datum: WGS-84 (EGM-96).
Satellite Data (1): GeoEye-1
Imagery Dates: 13 January 2010
Resolution: 50cm
Copyright: GeoEye 2009
Satellite Data (2): QuickBird-2
Imagery Date: 4 March 2008
Copyright: DigitalGlobe
Source: Google Earth
Road Data: Open Street Map
Place Names: Google Map Maker
Elevation Data: ASTER GDEM
Source : METI & NASA 2009
Map Production : UNITAR/UNOSAT