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Product ID: 2426 - English
Published: 8 Aug, 2016
GLIDE: CE20130604SYR

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This UNOSAT Story Map integrates geo-spatial data from a range of source to monitor the evolution of Al Zaatari Refugee Camp.

Al-Zaatari is a refugee camp in northwestern Jordan that has been welcoming Syrians fleeing the civil war since 28 July 2012. Initially it was an ad-hoc, makeshift and chaotic camp home to much strife in the wake of the large-scale, traumatic acts of violence occurring just a few kilometers away in neighboring Syria and that continue to this day, offering few signs of hope. Four years later, after growing rapidly and exponentially during the initial months of its existence, it has evolved into an informal city of roughly 79,000 people that includes shops, services and administrative buildings.

UNOSAT has monitored the camp´s evolution since its inception by conducting over 20 analyses of the site, mostly in support of UNHCR. The aim was to provide humanitarian community with maps and data that could be used to inform camp planning, monitoring and management.
Multiple Imagery from Optical Sensors (August 2012 - June 2016) Copyright: DigitalGlobe, Inc. & CNES 2016, Distribution Airbus Defense and Space. Source:US Department of State, Humanitarian Information Unit, NextView License Copyright & Airbus Defense and Space. Analysis: UNITAR - UNOSAT