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Published: 16 Nov, 2017
GLIDE: CE20130326MMR

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This map illustrates areas of satellite-detected destroyed or otherwise damaged settlements in Buthidaung, Maungdaw, and Rathedaung Townships in the Maungdaw and Sittwe Districts of Rakhine State in Myanmar. Analysis used satellite imagery collected on multiple dates between 31 August and 11 October 2017 and encompassed an area of about 4,800 square kilometers. Satellite analysis combined with information on settlement locations in Myanmar indicate that approximately 275 towns and villages were affected. This includes 34 in Buthidaung, 225 in Maungdaw, and 16 in Rathedaung. Note that these locations are indicated on the map though only a sampling are labeled due to the limitations of the map size and scale. Inset graphics show what is likely the village of Hpaw Ti Kaung, destroyed sometime between 16 September and 1 October 2017, with only a few structures and trees undamaged. Continued cloud cover and haze during the period in question means that destruction is likely underestimated in this analysis. This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITAR - UNOSAT.
Satellite Data (1): WorldView-3
Imagery Dates: 11 October 2017
Resolution: 32 cm
Satellite Data (2): WorldView-2
Imagery Dates: 25 October and 9 October 2017
Resolution: 50 cm
Copyright: © 2017 DigitalGlobe
Source: US Department of State - HIU - NextView License
Satellite Data (3): Multiple previous images
Other Data: HDX; MIMU
Analysis : UNITAR - UNOSAT