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Welcome to the Institute’s online catalogue of events. Here you can view the entire spectrum of upcoming, current and past events, including training and training-related courses, workshops and seminars; briefings; conferences and public lectures; side events; and meetings. To view the details of an event, including the background, objectives, methodology, targeted audience and application/registration modalities, simply scroll over and click on the event title.
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Upcoming Events

Public Speaking Workshop (2015)

08 Oct - 09 Oct 2015

Vienna, Austria
By application & selection   Face-to-Face   English  open to register/apply Deadline: 27 September 2015

Introduction to Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BOP/IIP) Compilation and Analysis

12 Oct - 13 Nov 2015

By application & selection   E-learning   English  open to register/apply Deadline: 25 September 2015

Legal Aspects of Public Debt Management (2015)

12 Oct - 20 Nov 2015

Public – by registration   E-learning   English  open to register/apply Deadline: 16 October 2015

Orientation Briefing on Geneva’s Multilateral Working Environment (2015)

12 Oct - 13 Oct 2015

Geneva, Switzerland
By application & selection   Face-to-Face   English  open to register/apply

Redefining Leadership in the Knowledge Economy (2015)

12 Oct - 13 Oct 2015

Geneva, Switzerland
Public – by registration   Face-to-Face   English  open to register/apply Deadline: 4 October 2015