A recent feature on the UN SDG:Learn platform now offers users a way to customize their learning experience!

A self-assessment provides an outlook on the users’ current knowledge and skills in regards to eight key competencies crucial to achieving the SDGs.

Defined by UNESCO, these cross-cutting competencies cover systems thinking, anticipatory, normative, strategic, collaboration, critical thinking, self-awareness and integrated problem-solving competencies. Their reach and intricacy make them extremely relevant in complex problem-solving processes. Moreover, they can be applied to widely heterogeneous situations as they are transversal, multifunctional and context-independent.

Each of the competencies covers cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral dimensions or in other words “Knowledge”, “Emotions” and “Action” learning domains.

One can now assess themselves through a fascinating scenario-based “SDG Fitness Test” (already available on the platform). 

And thanks to Ubiquity University’s “Changemaker Scan” - another test available on the UN SDG:Learn platform and which will soon be launched - one can also do a self-appraisal of their own competencies based on personal perceptions of the tasks they can perform.

These assessments can also be used for free as a pedagogical tool by teaching staff at Universities, VET and high schools to be recommended to students to promote multidisciplinary approaches with a focus on sustainability.

With the information provided through these self-assessments as well as preferences expressed by the users during registration process, smart recommendations of courses and microlearning will be made available by the system and appear on the dashboard.

Learning offers can be selected and users may then start building their own Learning Pathway!

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