• Twenty-two 2021 UNITAR Hiroshima Youth Ambassadors are exploring ideas to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) in a post-COVID-19 world.
  • In the 3-month programme, Hiroshima high school students examine today’s pressing issues so they can become future global leaders.
  • The 2021 round started in July and will include five workshops and group work.
  • The Youth Ambassadors will make their final presentations on 24 October 2021 in a public webinar (in Japanese only).
  • Leading companies NEC and H&M joined to give the Youth Ambassadors a broader perspective of the SDGs.
UNITAR Hiroshima Youth Ambassadors

20 October 2021, Hiroshima, Japan – Twenty-two 2021 UNITAR Hiroshima Youth Ambassadors are learning and exchanging ideas on how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) in a post-COVID-19 world.

This year, leading companies NEC and H&M Japan joined to give the Youth Ambassadors a broader perspective of the SDGs. The companies are challenging the youth leaders to think about how to work with many stakeholders.

Run jointly by UNITAR Division for Prosperity and the UNITAR Association, the 3-month programme nurtures global leaders of the future by providing Hiroshima high school students opportunities to explore pressing issues of today. The 2021 round will include five workshops, group work, and final presentations on 24 October 2021.

To date, three workshops have been held.

  • Mr. Cosmo Takagi, Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University, introduced the Youth Ambassadors to the SDGs and initiatives to make the SDGs a reality (25 July).
  • Global Incubation × Fostering Talents and NEC Corporation stressed the importance of thinking outside of conventions and stereotypes. The Youth Ambassadors realized that they must learn and think about pressing issues themselves (10 August).
  • H&M Japan and TSS-TV Co., Ltd. shared case studies of SDG initiatives. Through the real-world cases, the Youth Ambassadors learned how there are different ways to approach the SDGs (27 August).

The Youth Ambassadors were divided into four groups, each assigned to a specific SDG:

  • Goal 1 end poverty
  • Goal 4 quality education
  • Goal 13 climate action
  • Goal 16 peace, justice and strong institutions

The groups are now discussing and researching what individuals could do and how to get society more involved to reach the specific SDG.

H&M Japan: Mr. Shigefumi Yamaura, CSR/Sustainability Coordinator

Mr. Shigefumi Yamaura

I believe to get people interested in sustainability,  it will be efficient to have comprehensive approaches.  We should take the idea of sustainability as something close to our daily lives, not anything far from ourselves and taken care of by someone somewhere. We understand there is a gap locally between people’s willingness to contribute to sustainability and  their actual behavior.

H&M believes the most efficient way for us to contribute to sustainability is through our  business. Sustainability doesn’t have to mean compromising on fashion. We want to prove H&M’s value by providing fun and fashionable items  for all in a  sustainable way.

 It is often easy for us to make small changes in our daily lives, rather than trying hard to change the world. That way, in the end, may be more important. For example, when people choose to sell or give away their old clothes or favourite items for reuse or recycling purpose instead of simply throwing them away, we could say  they had somewhat fostered a mind to internalize the idea of a circular economy model.

It is crucial  to analyse the latest information and data as well as the flow with a critical eye. It is then also important to make sure  they can see issues from diverse perspectives through workshops and trainings.

 Our brand will continue to deliver fashion for all  regardless of genders, ages and economic situation. We hope to be close to our customers’ daily lives, supporting them to simply take  more sustainable actions together with us.

Relevant SDGs

The Youth Ambassadors will present their reports (in Japanese only) on 24 October 2021, 16:00–17:00 JST. Everyone is invited to join the Zoom session and listen to what the Youth Ambassadors have to say. Again, the presentations will be only in Japanese. Please register in advance to attend.

Registration details: https://unitar-org.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_S-ip-D1RT7uUOgfgrGqwcg

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