Throughout history, human progress was punctuated by revolutionary advances in science, technology, and innovation. These powerful catalysts should now be harnessed to address and overcome one of the major challenges of our time, the climate crisis.

The self-paced Massive Open Online Course "Develop and Implement Science, Technology, and Innovation for SDGs Roadmaps - Level I" was developed by UNDESA and UNITAR to support various stakeholders' capacities in this endeavor by providing key concepts, objectives, multi-stakeholder cooperation modalities, and step-by-step guidance on roadmap development as well as approaches to engage with and mobilize the global community.

Drawing on the efforts of the United Nations Inter-agency Task Team on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs (IATT), this course was based on the Guidebook and Operational Note on "Implementing Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) for SDGs Roadmaps at the Country Level" with the objective to facilitate their adoption by countries and stakeholders.

This comprehensive course will provide participants with newfound skills and knowledge better positioning them to:

  • Explain what STI for SDGs Roadmaps is and its importance in the national and global agendas;
  • Describe the scope and purpose of the various levels of roadmaps;
  • List and explain the six steps in the STI for SDGs Roadmaps development process;
  • Discuss the methodologies available for the STI for SDGs Roadmaps and what kind of support is needed;
  • Distinguish the role of government and donors in the process.

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