19 May 2021, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - The “Autosobriety Training Programme to Prevent Drink-Driving” kicks off today, resulting from a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding between INTRANT, UNITAR and Pernod Ricard, with the common ambition to reduce alcohol-related road crashes in the Dominican Republic.

The Autosobriety Training Programme aims at equipping road safety stakeholders with educational tools in order to contribute to the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related traffic fatalities and injuries. The Autosobriety Training Programme will be delivered through a number of entities including the General Directorate of Ground Transportation (DIGESETT), the National School of the Office of the Attorney General, the Ministry of Health’s National Program to Reduce Road Traffic Deaths (PREMAT), the National Police, the Military Police Commission (COMIPOL), 911, Banreservas and the support of Pernod Ricard.

Road traffic crashes claim around three thousand lives each year in the Dominican Republic (WHO, 2018), in addition to thousands more that end up injured or with a disability. Despite improvements made by the Dominican Republic and in many countries around the world, road traffic crashes remain a major public health and development problem that has broad social and economic consequences.

Noting that the overwhelming majority of road traffic deaths and injuries are preventable and that the number of road traffic crashes remains unacceptably high, the Government of the Dominican Republic through INTRANT and following a multistakeholder approach kicks-off today an educational programme that aims to raise awareness about the risks of driving while intoxicated and the legal ramifications, while instilling a sense of responsibility to avoid drink driving.

In line with the SDG 3.6 – “By 2030, reduce by half road traffic deaths and injuries”, the overall objective of the Autosobriety Training Programme is to change road user’s attitudes and contribute to the reduction of the number of road traffic injuries and fatalities related to drivers using alcohol. The Programme is an all-round educational module through which participants will learn about alcohol and its impact on their ability to drive, the risks and consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Autosobriety Training Programme will be implemented in three phases, following a cascaded approach for training. The first phase consists of a Training of Trainers (ToT) for entities responsible for road safety education, the second phase targets private companies, universities, civil society organizations, local governments and the media. Lastly, the third phase includes road users in general, with a target of 5,000 beneficiaries. The Programme kicks off today under the leadership of INTRANT, the endorsement and support of the agencies responsible for road safety in the Dominican Republic, as well as the commitment of the private sector.

“In the framework of this collaboration and through education and information, we expect to change attitudes amongst citizens so that they don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, Highlighted Mr. Rafael Arias, Executive Director of INTRANT.

“As part of Pernod Ricard’s strong commitment to fight alcohol misuse in society, we are proud to be partnering with the UNITAR and INTRANT on the Autosobriety Programme.  We believe that better education on the risks of drink driving is key to empower drivers to make the right decision and to reduce alcohol related road crashes.” Says Mrs. Camille de Potter Head of Strategy and Prevention, Pernod Ricard HQ

“Training and education are key drivers to advance road safety. Through the “Autosobriety Training Programme”, we aim to reach an important number of drivers in the Dominican Republic” said Mr. Nikhil Seth, Executive Director of UNITAR.


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