14 May 2021, London, Great Britain In anticipation of the UN Road Safety Week, UNITAR together with Diageo has today launched a hard-hitting, new anti-drink driving e-learning module to help people understand the consequences of drink driving.

With recent figures estimating there has been the highest causalities from UK drink-driving in a decade[1] and 5-35% of all road deaths worldwide believed to be alcohol related[2], ‘WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD’ is a unique, interactive experience that allows people to have a conversation with a real drink driver to help them understand the effects of alcohol, and the shame and stigma that comes with drink driving.

Transport Minister Baroness Vere said: “Drink driving is illegal, puts lives at risk, and there are tough penalties and rigorous enforcements in place for those who choose to do it. “This Government has made a commitment to continue working tirelessly to reduce the number of incidents of drink driving on our roads, and our award-winning THINK! campaign continues to challenge social norms and attitudes towards drink driving, particularly among younger drivers”.

“It is never acceptable to drink and drive.” said Dayalan Nayager, Managing Director GB, Diageo. “This is a real opportunity for drivers to learn about the consequences of drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel. We’re confident the participants will connect with the real-life case studies and their compelling stories. Every single accident caused by drink driving is preventable.”

The experience presents a series of real-life scenarios with three, pre-recorded drink drivers in the format of a video-call, including drink driving after a party, and the morning after consuming alcohol. As each story unfolds, the resource invites the participant to ask increasingly raw questions such as “did you feel pressure to drive”, “what was going through your head” and “how did your family react?”. At the end of the module, participants are shown a summary of learnings and directed towards other online resources that can offer additional advice and support.

David, a case study commenting on his first-hand experience said: “This is a real issue with serious consequences. I hope that by sharing my real-life experience, in an open and honest way, I will encourage people to think about themselves and their friends and make the right decision to never drink and drive.”

Launching in the UK on 14 May 2021, the e-Learning module will be rolled out to other countries over the next 12 months, with users in each location able to select from a series of real drink driver case studies based in their own country or region who speak their local language.

For more information contact roadsafety@unitar.org



[1] Reported road casualties in Great Britain, provisional estimates involving illegal alcohol levels: 2019 https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/reported-road-casualties-in-great-britain-provisional-estimates-involving-illegal-alcohol-levels-2019/reported-road-casualties-in-great-britain-provisional-estimates-involving-illegal-alcohol-levels-2019

[2] WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety (2018) https://www.who.int/violence_injury_prevention/road_safety_status/2018/GSRRS2018_Summary_EN.pdf

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